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What is important to me is how we can safely and effectively take care of our skin. We all want to look beautiful! But how best do we take care of it without detriment to our natural beauty?

The skin is a two sided organ. It is our largest organ. You can of course treat it topically with many peptides: vitamin C and vitamin A creams, but if we do not consider the inside, the interior, the other-side, then we are not treating the skin to enable it to be at its optimum.

The A.N.P (Advanced Nutritional Programme) offers skin supplements that are skin specific. High quality ingredients are sourced, and synergies of ingredients are collated that will best serve skin health. Unique to The Advanced Nutritional Programme, these skin supplements support a skincare programme from the Environ brand with scientific background to ensure the best results for our skin’s appearance.

From the age of 30 women start to loose up to 1% of collagen fibre a year. usually by the age of 40 ladies start to observe differences in their skin that they then seek to reverse. Free radicals such as over exposure to UV light; blue rays from our computer screens; stress and a poor diet all contribute to these factors that see us seeking help and advice to reverse the signs of ageing.

I recently had the advantage of looking closely at the Collagen support supplements from the ANP range. There are a host of products; so the question is, which is the best programme? One may question the budget, but it is a worthwhile investment if you value your largest organ! The brand is prescriptive so, as you would with your antibiotic, you consult to ensure you have the best possible programme to suit your needs.

Collagen support contains key ingredients, Vitamin C; Zinc: Grape-seed Extract ( links collagen strands together ;builds and strengthens capillaries); MSM (a key ingredient targeting inflammation; melon concentrate (builds by protecting collagen breakdown).For me, Collagen support, with these ingredients, are key essentials to my skin care programme along with my topical skin care regime. I invite you to follow suit and enquire as to which skin care supplements and skin care programme will best provide you with the results you desire.

I will celebrate a sixth decade at the beginning of 2021! As a teenager I became so self conscious because of a “teenage acne” just mild, not an acne vulgaris ( thank goodness) but a skin condition that directed me to a beautician, who enveloped in me a life long passion in skincare. Skin care became vital to me, and still is today. Since graduating from the London College of Fashion over 30 years ago as a beauty therapist, I have developed a range of advanced skin care treatments which enable me to deliver highly effective rejuvenation treatments to enhance your natural beauty. I use the most advanced professional products available and am fully accredited with the latest award winning no-needles injection technologies and also with the The International Institute for Anti-Ageing. I work from my Skin Clinic in Bourne End and from my home clinic based in Marlow Buckinghamshire.

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