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My name is Helen Liz Smith. My passion is specialising in delivering highly effective rejuvenation treatments as a skin care expert to enhance your natural beauty.

Having initially trained in Beauty Therapy at the London College of Fashion, I have since worked at home and abroad in a variety of prestigious salon and clinic based practices.

As a teacher and assessor of beauty therapy with over 30 years experience in the beauty therapy and well being industry it is the Oxyjet skin rejuvenation program developed by the Nora Bode partnership that I have selected to deliver the most impressive results for clients looking for skin health.

Skin Health

The Oxyjet skin treatment is a safe and effective method delivering natural beauty.

I work with Ladies who are of a 40 plus age range who struggle with skin imbalances and skin sensitivities and would like to achieve skin health. Please CLICK HERE to view the benefits that an Oxyjet skin treatment program can offer you.

Inspired by my travels to Cornwall and Crete, the Beach Retreat, Marlow reflects my love of the sea colours, provides a warm, relaxing sanctuary for the ultimate in skin rejuvenation and well-being.

"The Beach Retreat"

What separates my service from other aestheticians is that I offer safe and effective skin treatments without needle injection or electric current with proven results.

Because of this clients feel a sense of relief that their skin has been safely rebalanced whilst embracing a peaceful, calm and relaxing ambiance within “THE BEACH RETREAT”. They are happy and confident to return on a regular basis knowing that Skin Health is achieved at an affordable cost in an effective time frame.

Healing - Craniosacral Therapy

In 1997 my second son was born. At 14 months old he was diagnosed with a mild hemipalegia. This led me to follow a training in Cranio sacral therapy. In 2010 I extended my repertoire of expertise in the well being industry by graduating from the Institute of Craniosacral Studies in Bristol. 

My work as a Biodynamic Cranio- sacral therapist is recognised by the Cranio-sacral Therapy Association of the United Kingdom, and ultimately is taken from the work and research of the American Osteopath William Sutherland. Please look at the Healing page to research or CLICK HERE for more information regarding the magical work that Cranio sacral therapy can offer.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy treats people rather than conditions and is primarily concerned with creating and maintaining a healthy balanced state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.People of all ages consult me.

I practice from my beautiful home clinic in calm and tranquil surroundings "The Beach Retreat" located in the lovely town of Marlow.

A recent client of Helen’s who suffered from migraine says of Helen’s approach, “She is extremely professional and knowledgeable but at the same time calm, caring and gentle in her approach. She takes time to listen to your feelings and lifestyle and works her magic.”

Helen is extremely professional and knowledgeable but at the same time, calm gentle and caring in her approach. she takes time to listen to your feelings and lifestyle and works her magic.

Recent client