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The Plasma Elite Plasma Pen is a leading non-invasive Plasma pen used to lift and tighten loose skin and other problem areas, and the results last a lot longer than other tightening treatments. Great news for all clients!!

It is the only machine that is made 100% in the United Kingdom and the only Plasma Pen fully compliant with a C.E mark as a cosmetic device, ( The manufacturers declaration that the product meets all standards for health, safety and environmental protection.) following many ISO standards used for producing medial devices.( International organisation for standardisation)

Customers deserve the best, so thats why I have chosen this ground breaking technology to ensure consistency, reliability and precision.
The Plasma Pen helps

  • To lift hooded eyelids
  • Soften crows feet around the eyes
  • Tighten loose crepey skin on the neck
  • Remove uncomfortable skin tags.

 I am excited to launch the Plasma Elite skin-tightening treatment. I invite you to like my new plasma elite facebook page! where you will be kept up to date with all of the latest news and developments regarding this new treatment. 



It is not a fixed solution for acne. So, both skincare therapist and client need to exert patience. It is going to be a journey. Acne cannot, unfortunately be cured! It can be managed very efficiently though. As a client you will want to find an expert you trust, and as a therapist be willing to sit and take a longer consultation, to listen and to bespoke individual needs.

This skin condition when it presents itself will often cause considerable distress, leading to feelings of low self-esteem. How we look can often affect how we feel. Understanding the causes of Acne and how we can best manage this condition is an important element in skin knowledge and skin care.

It is a medical condition and has to be graded. A client who has a type 4 acne will undoubtedly require a doctor’s referral to a dermatologist. Other acnes thankfully can be well managed by a professional and knowledgeable skin care consultant.

We probably all at some stage of our lives experience the agonies of acne. Myself, I had a very mild case of teenage acne which indeed contributed to me feeling unattractive. As an adolescent it’s the last thing you want! Acne can be a single episode in one’s life or it can be a long-term re-occurring problem for some people.  It is typically found on the face, neck and back. Unfortunately, there is no known cure. However, we can on the other hand manage the symptoms. There is no one reason why a person may suffer from acne and it is thought to be complicated. There are many underlying reasons why symptoms of different grades of acne appear.

The first consideration is that of hormones! Higher levels of testosterone or lower levels of estrogen. The sebaceous glands that are responsible for producing sebum become over-active and a surplus of the natural oil clog the superficial pores. Blackheads; pustules and papules can result because of this. At puberty the body has an influx of hormones that flood in as our bodies adapt to adulthood. It does not necessarily mean that there is a hormonal imbalance but simply a sensitivity to the increased androgens being produced.

There are factors also to be considered that actually affect our hormones. Stress; medications;(e.g., the contraceptive pill) steroids; (body builders on anabolic steroids for instance). Food, i.e. diary, sugar and alcohol. It is worth carrying out an elimination process, to see if anything in the diet is triggering. A lack of sleep! A lot happens with our skin at night. Night-time is when repair takes place and if we suffer a sleepless night this cannot happen. These are all factors that at some time in our lives and when so, it is certainly a consideration that these are contributing and exasperating the problem.

It is not proven, but as with a lot of things there is thought that there is a genetic link. So, it is often worth asking if others in your family or close family have suffered acne at any time.

First consideration in the consultation is diet. What is your diet? Is there anything that particularly triggers an outbreak? My son at the age of 15 realized that after a heavy dose of sugar, his outbreaks would worsen. Beer, full of sugar!! Inevitably the outbreak would be heart wrenching!

Treatments can be costly and for a teenager often out of budget. A good skincare regime will indeed manage the condition and with this support can help alleviate anyone feeling down or depressed because of the condition. A skincare regime can instill discipline of good skincare for a lifetime which is only positive. Our skin is our largest organ. It changes consistently through our different decades. Caring for our skin inside and out is as important as care of our hair, teeth and physical fitness. Often it is put at the bottom of the list unless we have a condition that affects our mental well-being or self-esteem.

Using antiseptic washes, often tea tree, which is a natural antiseptic ideal for acne, or a wash with a mild salicylic acid is great for keeping acne at bay by restricting the bacteria that will activate on the surface of the skin.

We found that products with Benzyl peroxide extremely effective, but boy the skin is stripped down and excessive dryness needs to be alleviated. Careful consideration here for a gentle water-based moisturizer is needed after use of the wash.

IPL treatments are not recommended for extreme active acne but can help alleviate in mild cases. LED light (blue light) is very calming and can be an effective treatment to manage acne conditions. Its relaxing, not uncomfortable (unlike IPL) so a good one to start with.

To fully address the condition of any acne, after consultation and careful consideration it is the appropriate treatment plan, a series of glycolic peels interspersed with IPL is the ultimate course of action. Homecare is vital. Environs Focus care clarity offers a unique program specifically targeted for the acne condition a client may experience at any stage of life. Sebu wash and sebu- clear masque will contribute to management of this debilitating condition.

The main thing to remember is that everything is impermanent. Acne can be one simple episode or maybe a long-term reoccurring problem. Whichever the case may be, find what suits you best. There is not just one prescription. It is definitely a case of finding what your triggers are, how you can manage them and what is within your budget that sits on your shelf to help your home care regime. Topical and supplements together. Rest assured there is a solution. I am always here, and happy to help.


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